What We Do

1. Journalism & Media Capacity Building

a) Data and evidence based training / capacity building on key Development themes and issues for:
     – Reporters / Correspondents
     – Radio & TV Presenters / Program Anchors
     – News Editors / Senior Thematic Editors / Editors in Chief
     – Regular media analysts & commentators

b) Engagement of Journalism / Mass Communication training schools and students to strengthen capacity on data, research and evidence based Development Journalism.

c) Data and statistics based support for specific networks of Journalists on key Development themes and issues.

d) Awards and recognition of Journalists / Media houses and related stakeholders for outstanding Development reports or coverage.

2. Data Based Development Publications, Special News Reports & Broadcast Programs

a) Publication of periodic special data based Scorecards, Factsheets and Reports on key Development themes and issues (Africa wide / Africa sub-regions / Country level).

b) Commissioning / Production of special multimedia: thematic and Development data based publications; special news reports; and broadcast programs (Including collaboration with specific Journalists or Media houses).

c) Data based and contextual media coverage of key developmental regional / global activities and process, with focus on how they impact Africa / specific African sub-regions / Countries.

d) Media spotlight and elaboration on new data from / reports by Development partners and stakeholders – Through special news reports and broadcast programs.

3. Stakeholder Convening’s

a) Seminars / Workshops; Conferences / Summits; Roundtables / Dialogue; Confabs / Townhalls and other Consultations / Deliberations – With decision / policy makers and key stakeholders on critical thematic development issues.

4. Promote African Innovation

a) Highlight African innovation on sustainable Development themes and issues.

5. Public Resource / Public Education & Awareness / Knowledge Building

a) Public resource for education, awareness and knowledge building on Sustainable Development themes and issues.

b) Production of data and evidence based advocacy or policy knowledge papers.

c) Maximise Traditional Media / New & Social Media / Popular Culture – For messaging on Development themes and issues.


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